Barlow's Mill Part of Heritage House and Garden Tour

We are happy to be included in the Fredonia Opera House Heritage House and Garden Tour on July 11 from 10 am to 4 pm. We are busy sprucing up our old farm that has been owned by the Barlow family for four generations.

The interesting thing about sprucing up is that one wants to make it look a little better, but not to subtract all the history...painting the porch and remembering the time when the floor was so rotten that a child's leg went through; weeding the flower garden, deheading the peonies and remembering grandma who planted them; or walking past the woodpile sitting on a very old caved-in concrete pad and remembering that was once the floor of grandpa's shed where he kept his big old flatbed truck.

There has been a century of  ideas and "improvements". Mary, the first owner's wife, thought a bay window on the west side of the house would be a nice touch. Hermon, her son, changed the layout of the vineyards and built a big press for squeezing grapes and apples. Antoinette, his daughter and her husband Frank, remade the press house, Barlow's Mill, into a year-round usable space. Kay, their daughter and her husband Jim, obtained a NYS barn grant that restored the big barn and made it usable again. These two have devoted years to maintaining and upgrading the Barlow family property on West Main Street in Fredonia and are the hosts for the Heritage House and Garden Tour on July 11. 

Here is a link to more information about the Heritage House and Garden Tour.