With technology forever changing and improving, it is crucial that our website works up to date with societies norms. Mostly everyone uses a smartphone nowadays; our website is now device-friendly to make browsing easier. As technology improves, we expect to do things instantly. We are very happy with how SquareSpace has allowed us to make this easier and better for our customers.

The best part is, our customers have noticed how easy it can be. And because of that, the enrollment in our classes have increased. More and more customers have been taking advantage of our online store and registering that way. In fact, for the winter semester a total of 15 families registered online, and for the spring semester that number jumped to 26! We hope that it keeps increasing the way it does. But we are not alone on this. 

In a previous blog post, I mentioned Main Street Host. With the help of their business we are able to see what users are searching for most by receiving monthly reports. Being in a small town does have its disadvantages though. Everyone isn't always looking for a venue for their events or a music class. The key to marketing in such a small town is word-of-mouth communication. We believe that is working because just this spring there have been 20 new families join our music classes!

We're hoping our business continues to bloom in the next few months and can't wait to see what's in store next for Barlow's Mill.