A New Solar Record!

Our Solar Array produced 40,387 watt hours on March 29, 2015.  The snow has slid off, and the cool, crisp, clear conditions are perfect for capturing those photons. Each of our 250 watt solar panels produced nearly 1700 watt hours on that day!   Our house uses about 17,000 watt hours per day ( 17kWh), so on Palm Sunday we got enough for 2 and 1/3 days!  This excess is "banked" via net metering with our electric utility for our use whenever our solar array is not producing adequately ( night ).

On a perfectly clear, sunny day in Fredonia our PV panels are hit by enough Solar Radiation to produce 100 watts per square foot (if they were 100 % efficient).  Being  typical solar panels rated at around 15% efficiency , they produce about 15 watts per square foot of panel.  Barlow's Mill has 24 solar panels on it's roof with a potential to produce at 6000 watt capacity .