Meet our Web Marketing Intern!

Hey everyone! I'm Christine and I'm the web marketing intern here at Barlow's Mill. I've been working here since September and end my internship in May when I graduate. I'm a senior at SUNY Fredonia with a major in business administration with a concentration in marketing. I'm honored and privelaged to have had the opportunity to acquire this internship; I feel like it has helped me grow in my major and to really figure out what I want to do after I graduate.

What have I done?

When I first met with Kay in the very beginning of the year, she had asked me to help get the word out about the music classes that her business offers. She was also looking for ways to use the venue as a rental facility for smaller gatherings.

Immediately I thought social media. With technology being such a huge impact in everyone's daily life, I thought Facebook would be a great way to show what events and other activities go on at Barlow's Mill. So a Facebook page was made, and we try to update as much as we can.

Secondly we worked with Google Ads to create an ad for music classes. Having never worked with Google Ads before, this was a learning experience for us both. A Google Ad was published for music classes in the Fredonia, Silver Creek, Dunkirk area. It wasn't the best success, but I hope that it worked a little bit.

Next we focused a lot on the actual website. With Thrifty Reader no longer being a part of Barlow's Mill, it gave us more room to talk about music classes and rentals. We updated the home page to include rentals. We made a rental page and organized all our pages by what they are. We offer musical birthday parties for children involved in the music classes here. A big emphasis was put on uploading pictures to the website to give viewers an example of how Barlow's Mill can be used.

Lastly, Barlow's Mill is now exclusively catered with The Catering Company. No matter what type of get together you are planning, you have the option to have it catered. This is very exciting because we hope that it will get the word out about rentals and the Mill.

This internship has been such a learning experience for me and I am so glad that I was given this opportunity. I am eager to see this work we've done pay off by having more rentals and more enrollment in the music classes.