It's Cider Time at Barlow's Mill


We have 3 old presses in our press-room.  This one is a family heirloom perhaps 130 years old.  The other two are youngsters of approximately 80 and 30.

Our orchard was planted with Cider in mind.  Note the interesting blend of apples on display here:

Wolf River and Granny Smith are missing from this line up.  Wolf River is a huge Red, somewhat bland to my taste, while Granny is small, green and very tart.  Roxbury Russet, by the way, is “America’s First Apple” appearing near Boston in the early 1600’s.  A great keeper and cider apple, Thomas Jefferson planted this cultivar at his Monticello Orchard around 1778.  Later, scions were shipped around the Cape of Good Hope for propagation in the Napa Valley Orchards where it was popular until refrigerated cold storage was developed in the early 1930’s.  Roxbury Russet reigned for 300 years!

Our trees’ biennial nature and prudent pruning has resulted in some heavy yields this year.