Hands-on music making supports children's development and growth in many, well-documented ways. Children's Music Classes  enhance growth in language, cognitive and motor skills and aid emotional and social development. Most of all, learning to speak the language of music is valuable for its own sake.  Barlow's Mill is home to Growing with Music Together, a  licensed center with Music Together® an early education music program, and is a studio for private piano study.

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Manicured vineyards, colorful flower gardens, old trees and historic buildings give Barlow’s Mill farm a 19th century charm. A working farm whose ownership has remained in the same family for 4 generations, Barlow's Mill farm is small, just 13 acres of the very finest fruit-growing soil. Its crops are juice and wine grapes, apples, berries, peaches and pears. Vegetable gardens provide a “farm to table” lifestyle with foods grown with sustainable practices.  

Thrifty Reader bookstore, a small "bricks and mortar" used bookstore operating at Barlow's Mill, maintains an inventory of several thousand books for sale or trade.  Genres include popular fiction. mystery and science fiction, classics, children's books and non-fiction selections.  For those who still love the printed page, the Thrifty Reader Bookstore offers a pleasant experience.

Saturday 12 noon-4 pm

By appointment: (716) 679-9522